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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 00:47

This ship definitly had some unique, crazy, and fun features including clifford (You can see the pic but, it dosn't do this oddity justice):

I'm going to jump all around here but, a fun thing to do on all the Royal Carribean ships is a wine tasting.  They let you sample quite a few different wines.  They're probably not the best quality known to man but, they definetly do the trick.

The food was incredible in the dining room as per usual with the standard prime rib, soups, deserts, etc.  We even had the Lobster so those of you that say it dosn't exist, look again.  It's on the Fisherman's Platter for all of you that are wondering.  This was probably the nicest dining room I've been in with the three different levels and elegant atmosphere.

In relation to the dining room, we go back to some of the oddities that are onboard, this was a piece of art that gave the impression of a person staring at you from any direction:

And of course the ever present towel animals that never cease to amaze me....

Our first stop after a sea day was Peurto Rico... 

I have quite a few things I would love to blurt out about this Commonwealth.  The first is that I didn't like it.  Yes, straight out, didn't enjoy the country.  I thought everything was very dirty and deceptive.  Maybe it was the tour guide and bus I was stuck to.  The Bacardi distillery wasn't even that impressive, two small samples, a wall of Bacardi bottles, a quick walk, and a video...  Here are some of the pics from the better moments...



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