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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 20:09

So it's been a long time since I've written anything here.  Quite awhile ago I passed my Motorcycle exam and just decided not to go any further with that.  It was a blast taking the class but, I decided it's just not for me right now...  I just really didn't get pure joy out of it that makes me what to go out and dump part of my savings to do it.  So that brings me to my next great adventure... 

I've been taking photograph's for a long, long time.  I can remember when I was young getting psyched for Christmas for my first Kodak Advantix Camera (This wasn't my first camera, just the first one that I truly have a memory of being excited to get).  The technology was brand new and these were the first Advantix camera's off the line...  I've taken pictures of everything from flora and fauna down to abandoned amusement parks and structures.  I've always wanted more of an education into all the minute details.  Which brings me too New York Institute of Photography. 

For the last few years I've subscribed to Popular Photography magazine and I've been reading about various camera features, functions, tips, and tricks but, sometimes it seemed a bit difficult to put all the pieces together.  I'm not talking about going out, pointing your camera at something and shooting a picture.  I'm talking about aperature, speed, ISO, etc; all those features that your camera or DSLR has in it's auto mode.  I've been upgrading from that Kodak Advantix camera to the Canon 50D that I shoot with today and a host of sub-compacts.  I havn't been able to decide what I wanted to do and the reviews on NYIP and other schools have been mixed.  I've seen the perverbiale, "the material is outdated", "I quit because I didn't have the money", and "Why not just read or any other forum?".  The forums havn't worked, I have plenty of money, and has the basis of photography really changed all that much?  I think everything has just become digital.... 

That being said, I enrolled...  Paid in full...  And I've taken the leap...  Off to earn a Certificate in Professional Photography.  Call it a dive a bit deeper into my hobby.  There arn't too many people who've written in-depth about their experiences and I hope to keep up with it.  So for everyone that's curious, you'll get it straight-forward from me and I don't beat around the bush!  So sit back and enjoy as I wait for the first lesson to start!

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