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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 19:48

Naturally right after I submit a note about being slightly depressed on the shipping time, I recieve a package the next day!  I recieved all the materials for Unit 1, a photo shipping envelope (complete with protective cardboard sleeve), a photo tracking log, and some misc quiz instructions and so forth.  There was also a box to hold the books and a box to hold the CD's...  To be honest, I was hoping the CD's would come with a specific fabric like CD holder rather than a cardboard box.  Oh well, for $748 it's still a steal I think!  I havn't really had a great deal of time to dive into the package and read all the notes.  I was all excited and then had a wedding to go too, a Steeler's game, and now my night job that's taking all my time!  Oy vey!  Me and my hobbies!

Just as an update:  I also recieved my bonus package a few days later!  This is even better yet, it includes a pretty good light tent, a set of reflectors (which I guess I'll learn how to use fully later however, I can take a guess how they are used), some cool Ansel Adams coffee table books, selling your photography, and a book about the business of photography.  If you price them out on Amazon, it's a pretty good deal right there...  I can't wait to get started but, it's not going to happed tonight until at least Friday night!  Maybe some bedtime reading... 

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