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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 21:23

So I finally have finished up Lesson One in Unit One.  (It sure took me long enough.)  I sort of went in reverse, read the text, and then listened to the audio.  It worked out in the end (gave me a great deal of time to listen to the audio to and from work).  There wasn't a great deal of detail here but, the three basic lessons to photography.  To protect the course, I won't mention them other than the key of making sure that your subject is clear.  It's something so simple but, so often missing.  I was just looking at a guy on CraigsList who was selling "beach" photography but, I couldn't tell what the subject was...  They really didn't even visually appeal to me.  I'll save the poster by not posting his work but, I can't say I would purchase it.  The one thing that does keep teeing me off is that they are using technical terms like f-stop, etc which hasn't been covered yet.  I know what the terms are but, I was hoping the terms wouldn't be used until they were covered.  I would raise my hand and ask, what are these concepts that you're covering if I was sitting in class because they wern't covered in the text for lesson one.  Otherwise very good concept for Lesson One.  I really hope to finish some more lessons is a little faster order...  Oh...  One last tip...  When in doubt, move closer to your subject rather than zoom if possible!

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