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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 03:21

Unit 1: Lesson 2

So I just finished up lesson 2.  I've seen quite a few complaints out there that this section isn't updated however, I found it to be pretty updated.  It included everything right down to cell phones.  The one problem is that the text is missing some "current" details.  It talks about cell phones not having any sort of a view finder which isn't the case today.  I did find a cool large-format camera for $23,000 at 32 megapixels!  I didn't even really know digital large-format's existed. 

So Lesson 2 really focuses on the camera, the basic camera parts that all camera's have along with the different types of cameras from single-use to SLR, medium-format, large-format, etc.  It also cover's what you need for the course.  So that being said, I'm pretty happy with Lesson 2... 

There are two annoyances here...  I'm not going to say names but, one of the females has a voice that when she talks creates almost a wierd strong lisp, especially when I listen to it in the car!  It creates an almost instant headache.  The other interesting thing is listening to the two ladies disagree on certain points.  I was chuckling over their argument about how many batteries we need to carry with our cameras!  Oy vey...  It's also interesting that the commentary keeps including things we havn't covered yet like the large-format "planes" and meta-data...  I know the meta-data piece but, the large-format plane is a bit off for me...  One other piece (reviewing my notes), they keep talking about these brownie box camera's but, don't provide a point of reference that I remember so here we go:

The other irritating thing to me is the camera part review is based on Nikon...  I'm a multi-body Canon owner...  Oh well...  Same concepts in the end!

On to Lesson 3! - Slowly But Surely!

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