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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Thursday, 30 December 2010 15:59

Don't let the title fool you on this one.  This isn't a basic go to for the buttons on your camera.  It's over 50 pages on Aperture, Shutter Speed, and the effects you can obtain from the functions.  Oh yeah, there are a few pages thrown in on maintenance of the camera.

On the Audio side, Richard starts to confuse and befuddle me here.  The guy just seems to have a bad attitude and contradicts the text at times which is frustrating.  Just go with it and offer some good constructive advice!  He calls monopods useless unless you're shooting sports, talks about having 5 tripods...  Maybe it's just the monotonous voice.  He does give some good advice at times and I like hearing his voice!

The audio was over an hour + with 5 different sections.  So needless to say, they did a great job covering everything on audio.  I was shocked, they didn't talk a great deal about shutter speed or shutter priority mode.  A great deal of time was spent discussing aperture priority mode. 

One thing they talked about was purchasing extended warranties.  This wasn't included in the text but, they advised for it being that your camera is generally a thousand dollar plus investment.  I'm not sure if this is great advise or not as far as things are advancing.  I find myself updating my body every 2 years or so...  Maybe it's just me but, the one year warranty seems to do the trick.

Another interesting thought from the audio...  Black spots generally dust and irregularly shaped...  White a stuck pixel! 

I thought they offered some great advice that I always thought about which is don't attempt to clean your digital sensor on your SLR.  The one other small issue I have with this so far is that we keep talking about digital cameras (IE the autofocus point and shoot variety).  I wish this was taken only from the prospective of the Digital SLR as I'm not sure we should have a pro photography course with point and shoot cameras.