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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 23:23

So I finally submitted my photo project for Unit 1.  Yes, almost 8 months later.  There were a few things that have run together in life to prevent this from happening sooner.  First and foremost was the winter season not really making for any convenient work on shooting.  (This and the fact that this is a hobby not a profession!)  So I ended up actually taking shots from my May cruise and using them to fulfill the requirements which I had in mind while taking shots in Alaska.  I'm not sure that my submissions were my best photos overall but, they fulfilled the individual requirements.  So below are the 4 photo's I submitted (We were permitted to submit two for the first exercise.).  The subjects were to be using depth of field to make an image standout, using depth of field to capture everything near to far, and stopping or creating a sense of motion.  These of course are going to be tiny and not fit for usage elsewhere however, the prints were quite large and detailed.  All the shooting was overcast so that's the sort of gloomy hue on things. 


IMG_1161.JPG 2011-05-29 Alaska Canon EOS 50D f/2.8 1/500 ISO-100 50mm Flower


IMG_1398.JPG 2011-05-29 Alaska Canon EOS 50D f/5 1/640 ISO-100 124mm Whale


IMG_1199.JPG 2011-05-29 Alaska Canon EOS 50D f/32 1/125 ISO-500 70mm Rocks


IMG_1710.JPG 2011-05-31 Alaska Canon EOS 50D f/5 1/250 ISO-160 168mm Captain



I still havn't recieved any feedback but, it's only been a week since my wife dropped them in the mailbox to send for review.  I just started Lesson Five so more on that a bit later...  I did get a new Acer Iconia A500 tablet so I'm hoping to use it as a media tablet/photo review system of sorts to preview/upload/churn-out images in a much quicker fashion.

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