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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 17:08

So a bit of a quick update here.  Many of you that know me also know that I've been into homebrewing/winemaking for some time.  Wine was obviously my first love, then came beer (thanks Steve!).  It would seem that I never have time to drink but regardless, I wanted to take things to the next level.  I finished my 3 tap system a few months ago and decided that I'm tired of doing extracts on my glass cooktop in the kitchen because it takes forever.

So in comes my new friend Kurt at Brew Steel.  He is the home of the "Bad Ass Brewstand".  Before you ask, no I've never met Kurt before, and yes we've been working on all of this over the net.  You can see his shop at if you're interested.  Regardless, here are some pictures he sent me of the Kettles, the BCS control system, and the stainless steel that arrived.  I'll keep the photo's coming as I get them along with updates!

Kettle (2 15 Gallons and a 20 Gallon!):


MoreBeer Falsebottom for my Mash Tun (


Stainless Steel for the Brewstand:

The odd contraption that is the BCS: