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Written by Rich Hornberger   
Sunday, 20 November 2011 19:16

It's been a bit of time since I updated last and this is in no way due to a lack of updates from Kurt (  I've just been in and out of the state for the last few weeks. 

So on the progress to date, he has the wort chillers installed, the pumps, burner ignitors, pump controls, etc.  Everything will be labeled before it's shipped.  He also ordered/gas valves and has installed one of the three.  See the pic's below, it's coming along quite nicely!  The BCS is also installed along with some of the relay's necessary. 

There will probably be another update here in really short order as I havn't covered all my emails from being out yet...  So far I would say money well spent! 

Now, just trying to convince the wife to let me build a brew shed...  HAHA...  Or build a shed for the mowers and such so that I may consume the garage!

(Whole Stand)

(Some Controls Up Close)


(Gas Valves)


(Gas Valve Installed)


(Wort Chiller Installed)


(BCS Panel Coming Together w/Honeywell Ignition Control for Burners!)

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